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A while back, I was sitting in my little blue box on a black lane, especially for boxes. I stood still, between a lot of other boxes. There was no movement at all.

Strange really that my life is full of boxes. A box I live in, full of boxes arranged around one of those big flat HD boxes, as big and as flat as possible, because that’s important. On the HD box, I see that big boxes are better than small ones! And that I become happy buying new boxes.

That’s why I went to a box in my little blue box, every day, to earn money to pay for my boxes. And because I looked at that big flat HD box for too long, I went to another box to work out. Cause on that big flat HD box I saw that I should, to become successful. And if I am successful, I can buy a bigger box, with which I can then stand still between other boxes on a special black lane for boxes…

I said goodbye to a lot of my boxes last year. I sold my super-box in Rotterdam. I looked at the bottom of the boxes I had consciously or unconsciously put at the back. And looked in the boxes of which I did not even know I had them (still). I made a conscious choice to keep a few boxes. Only the ones that will support me in building a new life, in a new place, with far fewer boxes.

Now I have space again… I invite you to take a good look at your boxes, to say goodbye to the boxes that do not support you. Or refill very important boxes that have become a little empty. I am sure you will be surprised at the beauty you will find.